How to Buy an Airbrush for Decorating Your Cake

A great airbrush is one of the intricate tools used for decorating cakes. Airbrushing your cake gives it a complex look and makes it seem to be as if it was made by an expert pastry gourmet. For more information how to buy the perfect airbrush for your wedding cake, read on. best airbrush for cake decorating

Airbrushes are being used by pastry chefs to color a specific part of the icing or fondant. They are also used to draw images on the cakes, color the flowers and for decorating cupcakes by using various techniques such as stencils and so on. 

There are a number of air tooth brushes so that you can choose from. The two most critical sorts of airbrushes employed by expert pastry chefs are: single action airbrushes and dual action airbrushes.

In the solitary action gun, there is a trigger which is pulled to release air and color. The amount of color that is released depends after the extent to which the trigger is pulled. The intensity of the color spray depends after the distance at which you own the gun from the cake. The closer you own the weapon, the narrower the color spray and the other way round. A basic airbrush kit contains a simple compressor along with a single action airbrush gun.

A deluxe version of the kit contains a single action firearm and a compressor which has a knob that regulates air and color flow. It will help in regulating the color spray as you wish it to appear on the cake.

There is another air brush set up that uses a dual action airbrush gun. The dual action airbrush marker has a trigger and a knob which help in releasing color/air and regulate the color/air stream respectively. In order to maintain the pressure setting up, the compressor will on / off. This airbrush gun has a moisture trap that removes the excess wetness that accumulates in the airline.

You can choose either of those airbrushes relating to your requirements. Airbrushing weapons also require special colors in the right regularity to avoid clogging. To complement the airbrush marker that you buy you will need to buy the best additional tools such as stencils etc.

It is also essential to know how different varieties of airbrushes work before zeroing in on the one you want to buy. It can be a good idea to learn to use the airbrush before you invest in it. Buying an airbrush is never an irrevocable investment as you can sell it once you update to better equipment or you think the one you own is of no use to you any longer.