Materials for Steampunk Inspired Jewellery

The word ‘steampunk’ was coined in 1987 by K. T. Jeter author of Morlock night, and was used to spell out a genre of fantasy and exploratory fictional. This style is also heavily influenced by Even victorian and Edwardian eras, a time of increased wealth and creativity, as well as elaborate fashions. Extended coats, top hats, bustles and frilly umbrellas were the fashion during paired with ornate pocket designer watches, pendants and cameo are usually. Steampunk style has produced to add such influences together with the harder ‘mad max’ style futuristic business elements to develop an unique look.

Designing and making steampunk style jewellery need not involve a lot of metal smiting expertise, but some basic jewellery making techniques are helpful to master to offer the right look. Among these is getting to grips with cable work, specifically coiling, creating spirals and wrapping as these can be key looks involved in the style. Consider coiling and spiralling gizmos as these can make these responsibilities much easier and faster if you are looking to produce a quantity of items. 

There are a number of different materials suitable for making steampunk jewellery, and many are rooted in the ethos and background of the style. Chain is one of the key elements that might be time and time again. During the Industrial Innovation the middle classes were able to afford pinchbeck (a golden copper/zinc alloy) and steel that was stamped, pressed and explained into chains, hence the use of such items in steampunk jewelry.

Necklaces are also quite seriously used and were popularised by Queen Victoria. Nevertheless much of the bracelets on offer today be made up of watch parts, and located object, the second item of that can be cheap to obtain. However watch parts can more difficult to source, but take a look on Etsy for sellers with vintage watch movements and cogs. These kinds of items tend to be largely from US vendors, but look out for bulk buys as these can mean you get a much better deal.

Glass can even be an affordable embellishment to add to your part. The machine age performed find a marked increase in the manufacture of glass and today you can certainly pick up cup cabochons, beads or mirror to adorn your diamond. You can make your own with the aid of a glass fusing kit.

Cameos are another popular element, especially when you want to do something more along the lines of Victorian Gothic jewelry. These were very popular during the Victorian time and the wealthy gathered shell or lava cameos while on vacation in Italy.

If you would like to incorporate gems and want to stay true to the age choose from; amethyst, opal, turquoise, agate, onyx, carnelian, amber, jade, garnet, dark red, jet, sapphire, peridot, and jasper as these were becoming increasingly available in the mid 19th 100 years as ships started to bring back jewels to England consequently of the trade boost with South america during this period.

The colours used in steampunk style jewellery are also important, and are stored muted and somewhat boring. This is due to the fact that there was no synthetic dyes around in the first 1 / 2 the 19th Century. You many also want to consider this if you wish to make more Victorian Gothic /mourning style inspired pieces as a lady in mourning would only be allowed to wear black, gray colours or purple and sometimes burgundy or ruby. Incorporating lace chokers with cycle detail can include to the this look and create a very Medieval feel.