Preparing Your Android App For Submission

The most important source of Android software, Google Play, is always ready to open it is doors to new work by mobile developers and startups. But is your iphone app ready for being published on Google Take up? Let’s take for issued that it’s ready, fresh and tasty, it offers great experience and means quality. But there is a publishing process that you should understand and prepare for beforehand. songa app

Whatever the platform is, what you need to begin with is a great memorable icon, a different name, a brief yet informative description, keywords to associate with your software, and a number of screenshots (with separate ones for Android tablets). 

Can be especially crucial for Android os, is the diversity of platform versions and mobile devices. The oldest version that’s worth supporting is 2. 3 Gingerbread; however, it’s being actively changed by newer versions (4. 0 Ice Cream Hoagie and higher). With the completely new Android 4. 4 coming, Gingerbread will reduce its share even more. For numerous devices and many manufacturers, it’s vital to determine the preferred screen sizes, pixel densities and hardware capabilities, such as performance (necessary for ‘heavier’ apps).

Free or paid? That will depend on the peculiarities of the program and the monetization way you pave. But once your software is launched as free, it cannot walk the paid way. Even now it doesn’t contradict with the idea of monthly subscriptions and in-app purchases. In case the iphone app is paid from the beginning, you will also make an important decision how much you charge because of it. Separately from setting prices for various countries in several foreign currencies, you’ll be able to change the price. Yahoo Play, as well as the App Store, statements 30% of revenues from paid apps.

Make sure you got accustomed to the policies and guidelines of Google Play. Although Apple has far more constraints explained in their suggestions, Google cares about software quality as well. You must know the key problems that may arise at the same time, the rules that go along with protection of intellectual property, etc.

Localization matters, and resources for that needs to be determined in advance. Many software would be surely preferred to spread worldwide, but there are different needs and requirements, so your software may be launched in specific territories only. Or perhaps however, there may be countries that should be excluded from the division list. This touches after a defieicency of localization, legal requirements, pricing and so on If you want your iphone app to be downloaded by people from many countries, you must manage proper descriptions and ?screenshots?.

It’s helpful to perform a beta release and accumulate feedback from users – that’s how your software becomes more able to struggle for success. The fewer bugs you miss, the better the experience and the software itself grows.

A supporting advertising website is essential for great apps, and an establishment for marketing. All the details the users need to know is there, including engaging descriptions, ?screenshots?, perhaps videos, and the link resulting in the app’s page on the search engines Play.

After the launch, be equipped for reviews implying bugs or other problems in consumption – and eliminate them by creating updates. You will encounteer details that escape eye – that is inevitable, you could deal with it. Look into the ratings, check reviews, maintain the user experience as excellent like possible, respond to feedback quickly, and the software product can get the users and the recognition it boasts. On one hand, many software have frequent improvements, especially shortly after the launch; one the other side of the lieu hand, too frequent means somewhat annoying.